Wednesday, October 1, 2014

You & Mee Noodle Place @ United Square

Located at B1 of United Square Shopping Mall. Place is smallish, and service was forgetful. The staff literally forgotten about our drinks, and the free crackers. Yes, one could get a pack of crackers (worth 80cents) when the bill exceeds $15.

cashier / drinks counter
80cents crackers
The number shall be flashed near the kitchen's service window, and it's self-service to get the noodles.

mee kikil @$5.50

Ordered a beef tendon noodles, which has some beef balls in it. The soup was clear as compared to the mee kangkung which looked darker and perhaps, more flavourful.

dark sweet sauce, vinegar and various chilies
Beware that both the red and green chilies on the table, are quite strong. The tummy felt hot after just a couple of dabs of those chili paste.

beef tendon

The tendons would probably be better if it was softer. The kicap goes well with the noodles.


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