Monday, September 29, 2014

Hansang Korean Family Restaurant @ Novena Square 2 Part III

Once again, lunch at Hansang. Was a cold afternoon, so we wanted something soupy. Ended up with budae jigae (army stew).

army stew (budae jigae)

Took the set for 3 pax @$48++. Came with steamed white rice, 6 side dishes (non-refillable), ice-lemon tea and an appetiser. Really carb overload!

appetiser: anchovies, potato salad, black beans
The kimchi goes well with the steamed rice. Yummy. There's also a dish of sliced guava, marinated. Crisp and refreshing. Wished there were more kimchi! How can a tiny plate of kimchi satiate all 3 pax?


There was an additional one small plate of pancake with just two small slices that arrived on our table after we had started our meal. Perhaps a sampler?

pancake sampler

The iced tea was nicely sweetened and a good foil to the spicy stew.

iced lemon tea
lots of zucchini, sausages. sliced rice cakes, macaroni, some spam, beansprouts, golden mushrooms, kimchi and one cake of instant noodles

The pot may look shallow but it was good enough to feed 3 pax. Doubt one would still feel hungry after all those carbs!

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