Sunday, September 7, 2014

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken @ Westgate

Located at Level 2 of Westgate, Jurong East. Felt like eating fried chicken, so ended up in a queue. Not that long, just about 12 pax ahead of mine. So half the queue was inside the shop, and the other half was outside.

queue for fried chicken
after queueing for 10 minutes...still queueing...

For one pax, 6 chicken wings with fries might be enough for a small eater. But had wanted to try drumstick too, so got the 1 drumstick and 3 wings ala-carte @$7.95.

With just one cashier counter, the process of getting the food orders keyed into the system was painfully slow.

Every patron will be given a beeper after payment has been made. After which, just wait.

beep when ready

Queued for 20 to 30 minutes to order, and then another 10 minutes for food to be ready.

take-away chicken
drum senior and drum junior

Had tried soy garlic prior and this time round tried the hot mix. Hmm, soy garlic was tastier or maybe the Plaza Singapura branch was more generous with the glaze?

The chicken seemed much bigger when it was just fried. At home, it looked a tad smaller. Since I went shopping for a short-while after buying it, it was cold and limp when I got home. Into the toaster these wings went, and it was crispy again in no time!

Bavarian Radler (less than $4 from Fairprice supermarket) - refreshing with fried chicken


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