Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ichiban Boshi @ Novena Square

Located at Level 2 of Novena Square. Usually packed during weekdays lunch hour. Colleague had cravings, and thus this was where we ended up lunching.

From past experience, the Ichiban Boshi's donburi are usually heavy on rice. So took a different combination this time round.

Been ages since my last sushi, so ordered two favourites: hamachi and hotate.

hamachi (yellowtail) sushi
plump and sweet scallops

Hamachi and hotate sushis are very genteel. Fish was firm and scallops were soft and sweet. Yums.

Also had a bowl of salmon soup. Soup was basically miso base and colleagues said that it tasted the same as their complimentary ones that came together with the rice sets.

salmon soup @$9.90++
fried salmon

Soup was served hot, with plenty of fried salmon chunks in it. Other ingredients included kelp, tofu and onions. Soup was soothing to the stomach. However, the chunks of fish had bones in it, so do eat with care. After a while, its taste can become quite monotonous.

This meal cost about $22 for one pax and though it doesn't looked like it, it was rather filling.


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