Sunday, September 14, 2014

Johan Paris Boulanger Patissier @ Westgate

Located at basement level, next to Isetan. Usually popular, and a queue at cashier is common. A quick look-around revealed that the shop seemed to have more sweets as compared to savouries. Had tried their mini-cheese cakes and caneles and those are expectedly sweet.

Recently tried the butter melon pan and onion bread @$2.60 each.

melon pan

Hmm, I think melon pan is similar to polo bun and mexican bun. Much prefer the onion bread. It's not actually called onion bread but I can't recall what was its actual label.

bread unwrapped
two types of cheese

Popped the bread into toaster for a minute before eating. Totally loved the fragrance of the onions. The slightly chewy bread worked well with the cheeses. Yums.


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