Saturday, September 27, 2014

Zaffron @ Oasia Hotel

Located at Level 1 of Oasia Hotel, Novena. Lunch buffet on a working day? Yup, that's right. Food coma, thereafter. In terms  of variety, it is lacking but there're still some good eats here.

Asian themed, so one would find roasted chicken/duck, laksa, fried rice, stir fried vege, sweet and sour pork, watercress soup, and a touch of western with baked salmon. Over at the appetisers section, there's kueh pie tee and smoked duck mini buns. Plenty of salads, and some variety for desserts.

let the buffet begins!

Started with some beet salad and small bites. Don't forget to add condiments to your salad, if you'd like. There's olives, seeds, cheese etc.

chicken salad, leaves and beans
mini smoked duck buns
beet salad, DIY kueh pie tee and smoked duck bun
This is the first time I'd eaten beet cubes. As a drink, it was ok. In its solid form, there's a certain rawness and subtle sweetness to it. Kueh pie tee was good. Crispy sweet shell, loaded with tasty turnip shreds, topped with a shrimp with a dash of chili. While stocks last. Come to think of it, how come I only ate one!

There's also a DIY laksa station. It was good. Not spicy but tasted fragrant and luscious with coconut milk.

DIY laksa, with quail egg, sprouts and sliced fish cake

For drinks, it was limited choices of only coffee/tea/water. No juice. I think if there's juice, even bottled ones would address a bit of customer's expectation of a buffet.

the roasts - pork, root vege, duck and chicken

Gosh, just realised that I didn't try the duck. Bummer. But the roasted pork was good. Crispy crackling skin. But too much meat though.

pork and stir fried cauliflower and broccoli
mayonaise deep fried chicken

My dad would approve of the mayo fried chicken. He's into all sorts of mayo now.

chicken fried rice with silver fish

Though there are no standout items, I had enjoyed the watercress soup, roasted pork and baked salmon. Kueh pie tee and laksa are recommended, just a little hassle to put the ingredients together.

stir fried broccoli, salmon, roasted chicken, roasted pork, fried chicken

Time for dessert and coffee.

bread and butter pudding and cakes

Bread and butter pudding was alright, but the cakes were better.

orange mousse-cake with chocolate ganache, and spongecake with cream cheese

The sponge-cake reminded me of both rainbow cake and red velvet.

Price for buffet lunch per adult is about $42 incl. tax.


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