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The Entertainer App Singapore | Great Savings | Saha @ Duxton Hills

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Qn: How to get 'The Entertainer Singapore One Month Mobile' at $19?
  •  Click here to access the site.

The Entertainer Singapore One Month Membership

  • Click on 'Buy'. Ensure currency is correct, and apply the code @purpleeats
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2 things to do before you purchase
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That's it! The Entertainer Singapore One Month Mobile is now yours to use! With so many merchants to choose from, where do I start?!

Well, how about a chic restaurant at Duxton Hill for contemporary Indian cuisine? Introducing Saha Signature Indian Restaurant & Terrace Bar @ 9A Duxton Hill (2nd floor, because 1st floor is Buyan, a Russian dining place).

Why Saha? Because it is running a time limited 2-for-2 indian tapas promotion when one uses The Entertainer voucher.

Promo @ Saha

The restaurant is very near the public car park at Duxton Hill. Look out for its blue sign-board.

you've arrived
up to second floor

Let's take a look at some of the Indian tapas in tasting portions.

Khasta Roti Tacos [Vegetarian] - Amritsari chickpeas, avocado salsa and  sour cream
The chickpeas were pretty prominent in this dish. One mouthful and its gone. Nice presentation.

Top: Baked Samosas Triangle [Vegetarian] - Potato, cashew and green peas filling, chutney foam

This must be the flakiest samosas that I've ever tried thus far. Baked and not deep fried. Healthier and equally as tasty.

For drinks, I'd like to have a cocktail please, and they have plenty.

Indian Mojito

Easy to drink, refreshing but not overly on the leaves. Sweet but not too sweet.

There's an interesting mocktail where its infused with cigar smoke. Yep, you read it right. Cuban cigar smoke! This drink is a varietal of Bloody Mary. Abit too funky for me though.

jar of mystery - can you see the smoke?

 Back to more tapas. Pashmina chicken. Subtle flavours, moist tender chicken.

Pashmina Chicken Supreme Kebab - Mace and cardamom marinade, toasted pistachio, saffron sauce

Saha is helmed by Chef & Chef Patron Abhijit Saha, who holds the prestigious title of ‘The Best Chef of India’ 2013, brings forth regional Indian cuisine with modern cooking techniques and presentation. Expects a blend of traditional and modern, executed with sophistication.

All the mingling and chatting made me thirsty. Time for another drink. A visit to the bar!

Cryo Pomergranate Margarita

Loved the strong margarita. Quite yums, especially with the salt. More please!

If you can only have one tapas, make sure you try the Prawn Milagu Roast. Fresh firm succulent prawns, lovely strong flavours. Goes well with cocktails.

Prawn Milagu Roast - Crushed black pepper, onion, tomato, curry leaves

One last drink, the Compressed Watermelon Martini. Another yummy drink. Premium ingredients, sweet and refreshing. Watermelon with salt is always good. Nice and cool for a humid warm evening.

Compressed Watermelon Martini, with sea-salt foam

So hurry down to Saha to redeem the 2-for-2 Indian tapas before 1 October 2014! With the savings, you might want to get one cocktail (or two), from the bar. Cheers!

All these, shall be possible with 'The Entertainer Singapore One Month Mobile' downloadable from here and apply this code: @purpleeats

Happy Eating, Happy Entertaining, Happy Saving. Enjoy!


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