Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rubato Italian Kitchen and Bar @ Greenwood Avenue

Located at 12 Greenwood Avenue, Hillcrest Bukit Timah. The restaurant space was formerly occupied by Othello. Last visit to this vicinity was in early 2013. Time flies.

wine menu
al-fresco dining area

It's a comfortable familiar place, though out of the way for me. Not feeling very hungry, we got ourselves oysters and grilled squid as starters. Mushroom risotto as main and a dessert. Choice of drink? Prosecco. If you'd like beer, the current promo is one pint (Erdinger, I think) for $12.90++.

prosecco @$9++

For oysters, there are two types. Tried the Australian ones from Coffin Bay @$4.80++ per piece.


The oysters were fresh, clean tasting with a hint of metallic tang. I think I like plumper, creamier ones with a stronger taste of the sea.

closer view

Food here in general, arrives fairly quickly.

Mushroom & Co - risotto @$17.90++
Grilled Squid @$13.90++

Grilled squid was nicely smokey, and drizzled aplenty with olive oil. Citrus plus smokey with a dash of salt and pepper on seafood, equates to good flavours. Likeable.

risotto - closer view

The risotto was a winner for us. No grain was wasted. Creamy, well cooked and served hot. Very comforting.

For desserts, had the Modern Tiramisu. Hmm, it sure looks different from traditional ones. Taste wise, well, one can immediately taste that it is tiramisu without a doubt. But, it was pricey.

Modern Tiramisu @$15.90++

Service staff was friendly, and helpful. Cosy ambiance and pets allowed at the al-fresco area.

Spent $121 for the meal for 2 pax.


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