Thursday, September 4, 2014

Marché Mövenpick @ JEM

Located at Level 1 of JEM, Jurong Gateway Road. Been walking past and thought its ambiance was quite nice.

dinner menu

Ordered just a pizza and spicy drumlets for food. Marché has this 1-for-1 Kölsch beer, all day long promo so we got that.

Kölsch beer
spicy drumlets @$9.90++

Spicy drumlets wasn't really spicy. Thought it looked quite pale and indeed, flavours were also a tad muted. Based on observation, almost every table ordered pizza.

service staff helping to 'cut' th pizza
smoked duck breast @$22.90++ with hoisin sauce, spring onion and red chili

Duck breast pizza was served piping hot, and tasted asian.

duck breast pizza

Do request for cheese topping. It's not given by default.

cheese topping

Dinner and drinks cost a total of $52+.


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