Friday, October 17, 2014

Marco Marco @ Novena Square | The Entertainer App 2014

Located at Level 2 of Velocity, Novena Square. It is currently one of the merchants listed in Entertainer App 2014, so thought of using it during lunch time.

However, only 3 classic pastas (Arbuzzo, Jaipur and Bologna) are valid under the 1-for-1 main course deal.

My colleague had an Arbuzzo, while I got the Jaipur.

Arbuzzo @$7.90
Jaipur @$10.90

The Arbuzzo was basically aglio-olio, with plenty of garlic pieces. Spicy as well. The Jaipur was chicken tandoori, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms in tomato based sauce. Vegetarian option is available for the Jaipur.

For drinks, there's ice-lemon tea (@$2.50), some canned drinks and mineral water ($1.50). Illy coffee is available and a black coffee is priced at $3.80. Prices are nett.

With the Entertainer App, the savings was $7.90.


  1. oh dear, I wanted to check this place out with the app offer but only 3 selections? The deal could have included the other options, isn't it?


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