Saturday, October 25, 2014

Singapore Restaurant Week 25 Oct to 2 Nov 2014: Taratata Bistro @ Keong Saik Road

It's that time again. Yup, Singapore Restaurant Week. This time round, didn't have the opportunity to try more as I'd be in Seoul for the majority of those dates. Nevertheless, made a lunch reservation for 25 Oct at Taratata Bistro.

Located at 35A Keong Saik Road, which is about less than 10 minutes walk from Outram MRT station. Taratata Bistro is small and cosy. Place was busy with almost all tables occupied. Table for two are placed very near one another, about an elbow space apart. Am sure the convo with my bro is freely heard by the adjacent table as we have heard their stories as well.

pour le déjeuner
wall decor

Very simply, the Restaurant Week set menu comprises of two choices for appetisers and mains, so we took one of each. Add $10++ for a glass of wine, which we did.

complimentary bread

Sparkling or still water? As usual, iced tap water s'il vous plaît.

Brittany cider

First up, appetisers. One hot, one cold.

half dozen escargot baked in herb garlic butter

The escargot was amazingly tender. Enjoyable.

snail and bread

Presentation of the salad was good, with vibrant colours. Tasted refreshing with tangy and sweet alternates.

marinated salmon with lettuce and basil scented sundried tomatoes

Once the appetisers were done, the main course arrived quickly. Oh, and the elongated plates were huge! Keke.

poached stuffed chicken supreme with forest mushrooms sauce
pan-fried cod fish with green pea puree & seafood chowder fish sauce

Poached chicken has an earthy undertone flavoured by the forest mushrooms. Pleasant, and intriguing, as for some reason, I thought that the chicken had asian hints of soy sauce taste to it. Mashed potato was smooth, creamy and buttery.

The pan-fried cod fish was very firm. Green pea puree was sweetish and the seafood chowder sauce was wondrously umami'ish. Those tiny octopus tendrils were fun eats and contrasted in texture and taste against the cod.

Lastly, apple crumble for desserts. There was no other option for this, so everyone gets the same.

one huge apple crumble, served hot

Very soft, and very hot. Crumble was sweet, and apples slightly sourish. Managed to plough through the dessert and ended up feeling very full! Black coffee helped to cut through the sweetness. Two could've shared this. No kidding.

All in all, it was a good experience. Looking forward to the next Restaurant Week.

Spent $89 for two pax, inclusive of drinks and taxes.


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