Friday, October 10, 2014

West Co'z Cafe @ Yew Tee Point

Located at Level 1 of Yew Tee Point @ Choa Chu Kang North 6. Yew Tee Point is very near the Yew Tee MRT. Where's Yew Tee? All the way towards the north-west area of Singapore, next to Choa Chu Kang. This place serves halal zhichar (煮炒).


Service was patchy, but earnest. Patience is welcomed.

Signature dish? Ok, let's try one

Ordered some mains to share. Food arrived fairly quickly.

Curry Fish Head @$20+
had to dig quite a bit to find the fish
stir fried kangkong @$9+
bittergourd omelette @$8+

Ordered all small portions for the dishes.

saucy dinner

The curry fish head sauce was thick, tasty, lemak and quite spicy. However, the fish was abit of a letdown as its flesh not as firm as anticipated.

The best dish, was actually the stir-fried kangkong. Thumbs up for this plate of well-fried vegetable.

Drinks prices varies between $1.50+ to $2.50+, and a plate of white rice goes for a dollar each.

Total cost was $60 inclusive of drinks, and enough food to feed 4 to 5 pax.


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