Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tim Ho Wan 添好运 @ Westgate

Located at Level 1 of Westgate, Jurong East. This outlet was opened last December 2013. It's been 10 months since, and here's an account of a first-time visitor. Neither have I been to Tim Ho Wan's original outlet in Hong Kong where its Michelin star shines.

Visited on a weekend, during tea-break time, close to 4pm. Shop was bustling but there was no queue. Got our table within 5 minutes.

Paper menu on table, take your pick and write it down on the order-chit. Pass it to the service staff and food shall be served within minutes. Fast and efficient. For a family of 5 (adults), we had 13 items and 2 bowls of congee to share. That was like 3 plates per pax. Wow. Haha, guess we wanted to try it all! (almost)

write your orders here
3 dishes that's under Chef's Recommendation

Started with a bowl of congee, of chopped bits of lean pork, century and salted egg.

light tasting bowl of congee (@$4.20)

For contrast in texture, have the congee with a plate of Chef's recommeded crispy fish skin with garlic.

crispy fish skin with garlic (@$6.80)

The crunch from the fish skin was quite shiok. Sis ordered the glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf.
lotus leaf glutinous chicken rice (@$5)
chicken thigh meat, lean pork, chinese sausage and mushroom

Flavours for the glutinous rice was good, but too much rice compare to filings ratio.

pan-fried carrot cake (@$4.50)
vermicelli roll stuffed with pig's liver
pork dumpling with shrimp (@$5)

The cheong fun with pig liver was different from expectation. Thought the liver would be mushy but it was slightly sprightly and chewy. Think I'd stick with shrimps and char siew version of the cheong fun for now. Carrot cake was nice and fragrant but lacked the chinese sausage and dried shrimps kind of oomph.

spring roll with egg white 赛螃蟹春卷 (@$4.20)
beef balls (陈皮牛肉球) with beancurd skin (@$4.20)

Spring rolls were well-fried but couldn't really discern the ingredients inside the rolls. Beef balls were tender but a tad soft. Thankfully, the taste of dried tangerine peel is not too strong. Subtle yet distinct enough. Quite enjoyable. Not too sure about the role of the beancurd skin here though. There wasn't any sauce for it to soak also.

chinese tea @$1.50 per head (refillable)

Beancurd skin rolls is also something that I'd order when having dim sum. The version here at Tim Ho Wan was three nicely padded rolls and lots of sauce.

beancurd skin roll with pork and shrimp (@$4)
well steamed, adequate ingredients

Coming up, plates to munch that doesn't fill you up. The chicken claws and pork ribs.

chicken feet (@$5)
pork ribs (@$4.20)
One word to describe the pork ribs: 滑 (smooth).  Seriously, smooth. But has small bones, so eat cautiously. The chicken feet is not fall off the bones tender, yet can be easily 'tackled' (解决). The sauce for both were pretty light. Mild flavours, more on texture.

The last are reserved for the last two heavenly kings; 四大天王之二.

steamed egg cake (@$5)
baked bun with bbq pork (@$4.50)
sweet bbq pork

Felt that the baked bbq pork bun was more value for money (in comparison to the rest of the dim sums here). Baked till crisp outer layer that's non-greasy, with strongly flavoured moist sweet bbq pork fillings. The 马来糕, or steamed egg cake was a tad sweeter than expected and was rather enjoyable. Less fluffy than expected, more moist and can taste the brown sugar. Think it'll pair quite well with a cup of coffee.

Service staff was efficient, and worked swiftly to clear off plates that are empty. Liked that there are conscientious staff, whom would finish topping up the tea before attending to the needs of other customers. Generally quite friendly too.

Felt that the flavours at Tim Ho Wan Westgate, tend to be on the lighter side of things and its prices are best suited for dining in a group or at least with a partner.

Expect to spend between $10 to $20 per pax when dining here.


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