Friday, October 3, 2014

Lao Beijing 老北京食堂 @ Velocity Novena Square

Located at Level 2 of Velocity, Novena Square. Was there for lunch and the place was bustling. Even so, service was efficient and we were quickly brought to the table.


Ordered quickly and noodles were the first to arrive. For lunch, we opted for under $10 dishes.

stewed pork ribs noodles
老北京炸酱面 (zha jiang noodles)

Tried abit of the noodles, and the sauce on the pork ribs was not too heavy plus the meat cooked till soft. Liked the presentation, that the noodle soup was served separately from the ribs. Gives you the feeling of more bang for your buck. Ample vegetables, so that was good too!

By now, it has led me to believe that there are many variations of 北京's 炸酱面. This one in particular, looked and tasted more of 干捞面, dry noodles. Nevertheless, it was tasty.

spicy wantons@$8++
pan-fried onion pancakes 葱油饼
mid-section view

The wantons dumplings were plump and chockful of chopped prawns and mushrooms. Nice and actually, not quite spicy. The spring onion pancakes had juicy minced pork filling that's enhanced by plenty of fragrant spring onions. However, the skin of the pancake was quite doughy.

The meal costs about $12 per pax.


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