Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Makan@Jen @ Hotel Jen Orchardgateway

Located directly above Orhardgateway, Makan@Jen is all the way up at Level 10. It opens daily from 630am till 11pm. Serving buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

During weekday lunch time, one could get a main course or salad/dessert buffet @$9.90++. Or, top up $5 for appetiser buffet and/or $5 for dessert buffet. In this manner, one could enjoy one main course with appetiser and desserts buffet for just $19.90++. That's quite a steal. Do note that promotions are subjected to change.

@Level 10 of Orchardgateway

The place was spacious. Here's a quick tour.

table for 4
out at the terrace
view from Level 10

Back to the buffet. Salads, cold seafood section, noodles station, grill station and desserts.

achar, various leafy greens for salads and breads
tuna and salmon
clams and mussels

Prawns were firm and clams had a bit of sweetness to it. There's a green coloured thai-styled sauce which goes well with seafood.

Small bites such as kueh pie tee, popiah and dim sum (har gao and mini buns) are available too.

kueh pie tee and popiah station
noodles station
sampler from noodles live station

Didn't try the noodles but assembled a kueh pie tee, for myself. The shell could've been crispier though.

kueh pie tee and har gao

There is a wine dispenser machine and one could top up $19++ for unlimited tastings of wine.

four types of wine for $19++ only
some cheeses to go along with the wine?

There is also grill station that churns out grilled beef, chicken and seafood.

grilled seafood

Other hot food include pasta, brocolli, sweet and sour pork and baked salmon.

sweet sour pork

The pasta ragout was likeable.

grilled zucchini and pasta ragout

For drinks, there's the usual coffee maker and hot water for tea bags. Makan@Jen offers orange infused water, as well as strawberry ice tea and also the usual ice lemon tea. Mostly unsweetened, but syrups are provided.

flavoured water/tea

strawberry lemon tea with rose syrup

Lots of choices for sweets. Tarts, cakes and kuehs. Marshmallows and ice-cream.

hot water dispenser and tea bags
cakes and local kuehs
pumpkin tart
lemon tart

Tried the pumpkin and chocolate tart. The pumpkin tart base was a tad hard but the pumpkin mousse/cream was of a right sweetness. Not too sweet. Chocolate tart was dark and good to finish with a cup of coffee.

pumpkin (front) and chocolate tart (back)

I understand from one of the staff that one could also enjoy the $19++ wine without getting the buffet.

The place has a nice ambiance with a relaxed atmosphere.


Contact number: +65 6708 8899 (for buffet prices enquiry, reservations etc)


  1. I was honestly excited about the desserts but now that I've looked at the pictures and read about it....haha yeah like what u said, got room for improvement :P

    1. Anticipating others to share about their experience there =)

  2. Hey Purple,

    Great post! We've had an awesome stay at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway recently and visited Makan@Jen and Lounge@Jen as well. Great food, great stay!

    Happy Travels Everyone!


    1. Hi Tom,

      Thanks for dropping a note. Saw your post too. Glad you enjoyed all the amenities there!


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