Sunday, October 12, 2014

Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 @ Resorts World Sentosa

Located at The Forum RWS, Level 1. Was at the S.E,A Acquarium for half-a-day of entertainment with the family, when we realized that our stomach had been empty since we last ate during breakfast. Thank goodness it was a breakfast buffet (of sorts, well...that story belongs to another post).

So, we popped by Din Tai Fung for an early dinner around 4+ in the evening. Odd timing for a meal, so got our table easily.

wet towel (complimentary)

Of course, one would order the perennial favourite, the xiao long baos with 18-folds. Loved the pork broth.

steamed pork dumplings (aka xiao long bao)
vegetable and pork buns

On hindsight, one can skip the vegetable and pork buns. Very little pork and the filling was too dry. An almost grassy mouthfeel.

vegetable and pork bun

For main course, two plates of pork chop fried rice.

pork chop fried rice

Hmm....fried rice was good looking and seasoned very very mildly. Pork chop was abit dry as well. But we were hungry, so into the stomach it went.

The plate of stir-fried vegetable took forever to arrive, so we ordered vegetable and pork dumplings. Oops, we wondered if it'll suffer the same fate as the dry vegetable bun.

vegetable and pork dumplings

It was actually better than the buns. The fillings were slightly moist and fattier bits of meat. Enjoyable with plenty of vinegar and ginger shreds.

Total bill came up to about $78 and fed a family of 5 adults.


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