Sunday, December 29, 2013

Liang Court Mall New Year Activities and Goodies

Was at Liang Court and boy, its supermarket Meidi-ya was bustling with shoppers! Japanese and local, everyone seemed to be stocking up for the new year. Liang Court Mall is hosting a series of activities for Japanese New Year (お正月), celebrated on 1st of Jan.

From now till 5th Jan 2014, shoppers can redeem a gift box (from Customer Service at L2) wrapped in furoshiki if the spending is above a certain value. Terms and conditions apply. Read more here.

Other dates for activities to look out for is 1st Jan 2014, 4th Jan 2014 and 5th Jan 2014. No worries, there are standees, banners all over the Atrium to remind shoppers of the upcoming activities for Japanese New Year.
Shishimai workshop
Shishimai (front), Daruma (back)

Shishi-mai  is similar to 舞狮(Lion Dance during CNY). Wanting to keep goals and need some help to stay focused? Daruma, also known as Japanese wish doll may assist.


Fancy a mask, or a sugar biscuit?

sugar biscuit look interesting
cute and scary masks

Years ago, was in Tokyo during the New Year period, and the hotel had this bamboo decoration at its main entrance. Think it was the kadomatsu.

somehow, this reminds me of kadomatsu

daruma on mochi?

Interestingly, Meidi-ya is selling cherry blossoms. Yup, cherry blossoms!

Cherry Blossoms in the living room?
stalkful of buds
close-up view

How about some confectionary for the new year?

had tasted these few years back by a friend who went to Kyoto

In Meidi-ya, one might find alot of people buying fish cakes (kamaboko), kelp (konbu), sweetened black soybean (kuromame) as these items  are typically eaten during the new year celebration.

There's a bit of authenticity in the basement of Meidi-ya, where one can find a Taiyaki stall manned by a native chef.

Taiyaki stall
scooping up hot mochi-mochi taiyaki
making red bean regular taiyaki
white mochi-mochi taiyaki

The fillings are actually quite sweet, and it was almost bursting out of the pancake! Custard has a nice vanilla scent to it, while the mochi dough was that bit more chewy.

taiyaki (fish-shaped pancake) @$2 per piece

After you're done with shopping, don't forget to redeem your new year goodies box from Customer Service at Level 2 (if qualifies).

pink auspicious furoshiki wrapped gift
daruma everywhere
rice crackers


  1. yeah, everyone is getting so excited about the new year and supermarkets these days are as packed as the trains!

    1. hehe, hope you'll be eating many many delicious food for the New Year!


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