Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pecori Japanese Egg Restaurant @ Liang Court

Was at the basement of Liang Court, and was scouting for food. Sushi would've been fine, but had tried that restaurant before. Wondered if I could get a non fast-food meal, non deep fried for less than $10...

Decided to go ahead with Pecori, and if you're wondering what $9.80 could nett you..tadah!

beef in brown sauce rice, mugicha and (salty) cabbage soup

Actually, for $9.80 one gets the plate of rice with the beef in brown sauce. Cabbage soup and tea are free-of-charge, at the self-serve area.

soup cup cuteness

Unfortunately, the cabbage soup was way too salty. Gave the feedback to their male staff (that looked Japanese) but it seemed like feedback wasn't appreciated. There was only a chuckle, and am not sure what that meant. Hmm.

tender beef

Was expecting hayashi beef rice kind of flavour but was sorely dissappointed. It was like a muted beef stew. The redeeming factor? Those chunky yet tender (but isn't falling apart) beef.

tables and seats

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