Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lenas @ JEM Jurong East

Located at Level 1 of JEM, and it's one of the brands under Ministry of Food (MOF). Visited on a Saturday for dinner. Was there before 630pm and could get a table fairly easily.

open area

It has everything from deep fried appetisers (onion rings, squids, chicken wings etc), salads, pizza, steaks, breakfast, pasta and ice-cream.

Ordered a steak (250gms without side dish @$25) and half a roast chicken (@$15 with 1 side dish), and topped up $12 for half pint hoegaarden and a glass of Santa Luz Merlot.

As we were seated outside the restaurant, it was quite difficult to get the service staff attention. Liked that they repeated our orders before keying it to the system, and once again when the print-out was brought back to our table. Double-confirmed our orders. Hahaa!

beer and red wine

Food was served within 15 minutes. Pretty efficient, I'd say.

friend's steak with mushroonm sauce, served on the side
medium doneness

The roasted chicken was actually quite small. More like spring chicken size. Nevertheless, the charred skin was nice and it was served with a dark sticky sweet sauce. Too bad the chicken breast was rather dry. The sauce for garden salad was sweet and slightly tangy with lime. Enjoyable.

The merlot was somewhat spicy and goes well with the meats.

half roasted chicken

There was a queue formed by 645pm. Spent about $26 per pax for the meal.


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