Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Griddy @ Westgate

Located at B2 of Westgate. There were seats available, so went in to grab a bite.

seats aplenty
counter and kitchen (savoury waffles made here)

Asked the staff for their bestseller, and they told me it's their Griddy Burger (@$6.90+). Its menu description read "handmade beef patty, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, sauteed mushrooms with mushroom waffles". Ok, sounds good.

Service was genial and they are willing to answer your questions. 

please wait

It took just 4 minutes for the food to arrive. Rather fast to make the waffles and to grill the patty, yes?

savoury waffle with beef patty
err...huge chunk of minced meat

Looked promising. But didn't like it.

The meat was pretty dry and looked quite haphazard with its oddly shaped patty. There were few dabs of sauce (akin to bolognese or tomato paste kind of sauce) underneath the patty. So, that made the meat abit sourish.

Savoury waffles was probably a misnomer. It was just slightly salty. Not sure if sweet waffles might work better?

was easy to eat some of these accidentally...

Tastewise, it got pretty tiring after a while. And not sure why but the patty was some parts minced, some parts stringy.

stringy minced meat?

Managed to finish the waffles, vege and mushrooms.

Please come again? Probably not for the beef burger...


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