Saturday, December 7, 2013

Bacchus Wine Shop @ Isetan Westgate

Located at B2 Isetan Westgate, the latest mall at Jurong East.Was walking around at the liquor section of Isetan, and had just sampled some sake. Was contemplating whether to get any but can't decide because it felt kinda risky to get a big bottle then ended up not drinking it.

Suddenly, came across this area that looked like a bar. Hmm, went closer and discovered that they do serve wine, as well as sake. And the best thing is, one can buy the food from Isetan and have it together with the alcohol. Nice.

come early, to get seats

Got myself a seafood chirashi bento from Mikoma @$12 (after 20% discount). And a $5 Taiheizan Tenkou (junmai daiginjo) sake. The seafood bento has one cooked prawn, one raw prawn, one hotate, one slice of smoked/cooked salmon, plenty of shredded crab meat and some ikuras. Has quite a bit of rice too, so ended up with a rather full tummy.

seafood chirashi, sake and some nuts (complimentary from the bar)

The Taiheizan Tenkou Junmai Daiginjoshu (太平山天巧 純米大吟醸酒) sake has 16.5% alcohol and a +2 in sake meter value and a 1.5 acidity.

Junmai Daiginjoshu ranks high in sake world as premium grade with no distilled alcohol added. Brewed using very precise and labour intensive methods.

Liked the taste as it was somewhat sweet. Very light, clear taste and has a peculiar fragrance to it. Easy to drink, but had to drink it slowly since it's pretty high in alcohol content!

Was quite fun to talk to others who were there to chill and drink. Met a wonderful couple, Peter and Dee. Peter had to work unfortunately, so Dee was my companion for the rest of the evening. So, if you're there, do say hi to Dee, an elegant looking lady whom people might mistake her for being a Japanese! Thanks Dee, my evening wasn't so lonely after all.

The patrons at the bar were quite friendly too. After sometime, it felt like everybody's is everybody else's friends.

friendly and hardworking staff, Edmund

Also tried the La Spinetta Moscato (@$10). That was quite yums too. Mellow, fruity, smooth and sweet.

No worries if you don't feel like having sushi with wine. Tierney's cart is just right next to the bar, if you'd like some cold cuts with cheese to go along with the wine. Think I'll probably grab some fried chicken and wakame the next time I'm there. Bar food with wine and sake.

One can also buy the alcohol from the liquor section and have it at Bacchus too. So, cheers!


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