Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kenny Rogers Roasters @ Velocity

Located at Level 3 of Velocity. If you're looking for a quiet (or rather deserted place), this is it.

colourful cashier/drinks counter

Once seated, the corn muffins were served. Unfortunately, the muffins looked as though it had shrunken a bit since the last time I had it (but that was years ago), it was hard at its outersides (abit chao tar?) and rather cold. Hmm... Taste wise, it was still ok.

tiny muffins

Ordered a combo meal of a quarter chicken, ribs and two side dishes. Drink was pink lemonade Snapple. My friend likes pink.

even her camera is pink
for 2 pax

Chicken was still good and tender but somehow, our meats were served rather lukewarm. Was quite irked because the table next to us got their chicken and ribs with steam still rising from it!

Our macaroni and cheese was served piping hot but very watery. Sighs.

chicken fared better

very filling potato salad and coleslaw

Expect to spend about $22 per pax here.


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