Saturday, December 14, 2013

SMITHS Authentic British Fish and Chips @ Balmoral Plaza

Located at Balmoral Plaza, Bukit Timah Road. Easy to locate as the shop is right behind the bus stop.

let's have some fish & chips
Christmas is round the corner~

Visited on a weekday evening. Not many customers, probably because it was a rainy day. Self-service, so order right up from the counter. They ran out of chicken, so we got ourselves a dory and chips to share.

just 7 mins wait for the hot food

Drinks, get from the fridge. Ice-box is nearby there, so we helped ourselves.

beer and disposable plastic cup

The beer was too light. Haha, probably a root beer suits the fried food better!

salt and vinegar, added lots of vinegar
piping hot, dory and chips

This was my second try. First one was last year, had Cod but the fish was bland. This time round, had Dory which has some taste but its flesh was too soft.

Spent $23 for the above.


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