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Arossa Wine & Grill @ Scotts Square

Since May 2013, this restaurant at Level 2 of Scotts Square is now known as Arossa Wine & Grill. Arossa is helmed by Chef Chiaki Watanabe, and I was pretty intrigued on the flavours that Chef Chiaki would be showcasing here in Singapore.

enter, to taste the creations of Chef Chiaki Watanabe

Actually, had wanted to visit earlier, during Restaurant Week but had to cancel at the very last minute due to work commitments. Hence, am glad that opportunity came again, in the form of an invited tasting to try Arossa's Christmas Dinner Course Menu preview. Here's a link to the Christmas dinner course menu.

how about a bottle of Veuve Clicquot?
the beginning of Christmas feels~

Its interior retained the same rustic, classy decor with quiet and dimly lit ambiance. The restaurant has square as well as round tables for smaller groups, and private rooms for larger ones.


homemade bread served with tapenade, while awaiting for dinner to start

Bread was served warm, with crispy crust and soft whites.The tapenade (chopped olive, capers and anchovies) was interesting but I still like the old-fashioned olive oil and good balsamic.

Went to peep at the open-kitchen and spotted Chef Chiaki. "Service please" She'd called out after placing the items onto the service counter. Better make myself scarce before I get in their way!

Chef Chiaki busy at work in the kitchen

First on the menu, the course before appetiser, an amuse bouche of Turnip Potage Soup. Served in a dainty cup. Just the right start on a damp, and cold rainy evening.

dainty looking, creamy, smooth and warms up the tummy

Appetiser came in the form of Smoked Salmon and Vegetable Terrine with sour cream & orange, dill flavour.

Smoked Salmon and Vegetable Terrine

The smoked salmon has a slightly oily texture, with very light saltiness and natural tasting juicy vegetables. The purple cabbage was surprisingly sweet and crunchy. Overall, a natural fresh taste.

Second course was quite decadent. Sauteed Foie Gras with Caramelized Apple, Balsamic Sauce.

Sauteed foie gras with caramelized apple, drizzled with balsamic sauce

The foie gras was very good. Slight crisp on its outerside, and buttery on its insides. Adequately salted. A good size, and it made one wish for a glass of bubbly with it. Well, the good news is...the Christmas Dinner Menu does come with a glass of Veuve Clicquot!

If you're worried about not getting enough carbs, don't be! For the third course, was Home-made Herb Tagliatelle with Cream Bisque Sauce.

home-made herb tagliatelle with cream bisque sauce
tasty and enjoyable

Pasta was well-cooked and generously coated with sauce. Savoury, slightly tangy and has that mild seafood umami taste. Hearty flavours in manageable portion. Enjoyable dish.

For main course, one could choose either meat (beef) or fish. Pour moi, boeuf. Toujours de boeuf.

Australian roasted tenderloin with celeriac puree, Périgueux sauce
tenderloin, done medium

The tenderloin was good, easy to slice through and gentle to taste. Uncomplicated, simple taste. Deep fried lotus root was nicely crunchy and made a nice snack. 

Have a confession to make, though. The menu states celeriac puree, but when enquired with one of the staff, he mentioned yukon. Hmm, am not sure whether it was served with truffle yukon or celeriac puree that night, but the sure thing was, am in love with it! Sweet, smooth and creamy. Could eat it forever. Satisfying.

Lastly, dessert of Fondant Chocolate with Panettone Gelato, Mixed Berry Sauce.

fondant chocolate with panettone gelato, mixed berry sauce
fondant chocolate with molten heart

The Panettone gelato was rather sweet with candied fruits in it. A contrast to the dark and bitter fondant chocolate. If it ever gets too heavy, there's always the tangy mixed berry sauce to balance things out. 

Arossa's Christmas Dinner Course Menu, ends with either coffee or tea. Or, if you'd like another glass of Veuve-Clicquot champagne, it's $22++ per glass or $118++ per bottle (Mon - Sat, 6pm-9pm).

Thank you to Haswani, Publicist PR for the invite. And to Chef Chiaki and Ms Yuki Kawagishi, Arossa for hosting us. ありがとうございました

Arossa Wine & Grill

Scotts Square (next to Hyatt Hotel),
6 Scotts Road, #02-01, Singapore 228209
Tel: 6636 2951
Fax: 6636 2953

Opening Hours
Lunch 11:30 – 15:00 (last order 14:00)
Dinner 18:00 – 22:30 (last order 21:30)



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