Sunday, January 5, 2014

Paradise Inn @ Suntec City

Located at Basement 1 of Suntec City Mall, Fountain of Wealth, that area. At about 640pm on a Saturday evening, we could still do a walk-in to this place. Noticed that queue started to form at about 7pm.

The soups at Paradise Inn is not bad, so we got ourselves one. Then we ordered my friend's son's must-have dish, the fried eggs with chai-po. And for the adults, a plate of vege and steamed chicken. I need meat. There were only the three of us, so the food that we had, can actually feed one more adult.

Peanuts and towels are chargeable at $1.50++ (per plate) and $0.30++ (per pax).

soup being served
lean meat (pork) with cordycep flowers soup (@$18.90++ per pot)

The pot of soup could easily serve out about 5 small bowls of soup. Plenty of lean meat inside too. The cordyceps flower has a very nice texture. Liked it so much, that I ate 'em all. Hahaa!

Service staff would gladly drop by to help us serve out the soup.

chinese spinach with egg trio and minced meat (@$13.90++)

Main gripe about vegetable dishes in Chinese restaurants like this, is that they sure are expensive.

Grandma's Pan-fried Egg with chai-po (@$8++)

Kids and adults liked the egg. Not overly salty, the chai-po has a certain sweetness and fragrance to it. Eggs were abit too thin though.

steamed chicken with diced mushrooms and black fungus (@$10.90++)

The steamed chicken pieces were rather small, and need to watch out for the small bones. It has an added sweetness courtesy of the red dates. A very mild chicken dish.

This meal costs $66.


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