Monday, January 20, 2014

Osaka Ohsho @ Westgate

Located at Level 3 of Westgate. Finally, so many makan places near where I stay. Tried Osaka Ohsho on a Saturday evening. Was there early, before 6pm so there wasn't any queue.

advert inside the restaurant
here to try this famous restaurant chain

The seats are very near each other. So, couples usually come and go pretty fast. Also quite popular with families with young kids.

just an elbow length space to manouvre

Every table has an iPad attached to it. Order the food through that device.

iPad to order
hardcopy menu to browse

Tried the Black Vinegar Fried Chicken set from the Healthy Japanese Specialties menu.

Black Vinegar Fried Chicken Set (@$15.90++)
fried chicken, lotus root, capsicum and plenty of aubergine

The set came with rice, gyoza and egg drop soup. Overall, the set was enjoyable though the fried chicken dish was quite oily. Ironically, it's from the Healthy menu. Hmm.

pork gyoza
minced pork and cabbage

The gyoza was smaller than expected. It's already adequately seasoned. If you like spicy, the chili oil was quite a good complement to the dumpling.

chili flakes and chili oil as taste enhancer

Friend had the ever popular Tenshin Han set. His took forever to arrive. It came after I'd finish almost 80% of mine.

Tenshin Han set (@$12.90++)

But it really looked very good.

very thick layer of eggs

Had a sample of the egg. Very good, I must say. Tasty, thick layer of fluffy soft eggs. I'd order this, the next time round.

This meal cost about $32+ for two pax, inclusive of 2 hot tea.


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