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Burger VS Wings + Bar BWB @ Orchard Central

Located at Level 11 of Orchard Central. Accessible via the lifts. This  American styled restaurant has only been in operations recently, though its premise is not new. BWB occupies what used to be an Italian restaurant's space.

Familiar, yet different.

have you BWB, yet?
ample seating capacity
private room

Its concept is pretty simple. Burgers (vs) Wings. Food Fight. Now, nope. Don't start throwing the food around, ya. Food fight here, really refers to which item gets the most orders. Will it be the Burgers or will it be the Wings?

ready to fight?

Looking at its current menu, they have at least 9 burger variants and 10 for the wings. Really spoilt for choice. As though that's not enough, with every main course order one can do an add-on ($4.90++ for lunch or $7.90++ for dinner) to enjoy BWB's tapas and dessert buffet. Quite the value for money!


What could one get from the tapas buffet section?

onsen tamago in ponzu sauce
baked macaroni, grilled vegetables and sheppard pie
mediterranean beef salad

For me, I got my fix of greens (or pink).  Coleslaw, potato salad, lettuce, beef salad, tempura water spinach and pappadum with tomato salsa

plate with assortment of stuff from tapas counter

Happy hour is till 8pm, and they do have Stella on tap. Get a pint of this during happy hour for $11++.

say hi to Stella

Did someone say signature cocktails? Of course, we got ourselves one. Cocktails are priced at $14++ each. BWBartini was quite yummy. Sweet.

The Hero
The Challenger
Exotic Breeze

Feeling famished yet? Let's meet the heavyweights.

Tyson Peanut Butter Burger (@$21.90++)
Pacific Izumi Fish Burger (@$15.80++)
BWB Classic Heavyweight Burger (@$19.90++)

The burgers looked quite gorgeous. Its beef burger patties are using stockyard angus beef. Enjoyable texture, doesn't feel oily and well seasoned. The beef burgers came with crispy, salty streaky bacon, cheddar cheese, egg sunny-side up and brioche bun.

Wagyu Beef Black Burger (@$28++), pre-cut upon request (for sharing)

The Black Burger was huge. Loaded with ingredients. Most noticeable was the avocado. If all those burgers felt too macho for you, no worries. They do have a dainty looking BWB Mini Burger Sampler (@$20.50++).

cute, right?
grilled tiger prawn black caviar mini burger

Though the burger does not include fries, it is still worthwhile to get one to share. Was pretty amazed to find that the fries retained its crispiness, though it was left out in the open for quite a long while.

cheese fries

If burger is not up your alley, then perhaps, chicken wings might do the trick? Meet the lightweight contenders.

Cajun BBQ Wings (@$15.80++)
hot buffalo wings (@$15.80++) with sweet mustard and bbq sauce
spicy level: medium

Let you be warned. Spicyness of medium, is already quite spicy. The heat will sting at you right away. Good thing that it also dissipates quite fast.

Likewise, there's also the Sampler Trio Wings for the undecided. The chicken wing wrap actually looked more like a popiah. Inside of it was minced chicken and prawn. Didn't like the stuffed wings though. There was a very strong, herb taste that I didn't enjoy.

cajun, jambalaya and chicken wing wrap

To add to the fun element of this restaurant, there might be special offers from time to time. So, keep a lookout for it!

watch out for such offers when dining-in

There are mini cakes and ice-cream at the buffet desserts counter.

mini cheesecake, tiny swiss roll and fruit pate

Swiss roll was too dry but the mini cheesecakes were quite rich. Fruit pate was coated with sugar, hence very sweet but quite interesting. Skip the swiss roll and go straight to ice-cream!

french vanilla and blueberry ice-cream with crispy rice toppings

Thank you HGW and KitchenLanguage for the invite and for hosting the dinner.

Burger VS Wings + Bar

Location: 11-03/04, Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896
Contact No. : 6634 0423


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