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Arashi Yakiniku Charcoal Grill Restaurant 嵐炭火烧き肉 @ Boat Quay

Located at 48 Boat Quay. Took bus #166 and drop-off at Boat Quay bus stop. Walked backwards towards the bridge, then turned right towards the coffeeshops and another left turn into the small lane towards the river. Turn right and you'll pass by Neko Neko Cats Cafe. Walk a few more steps and soon enough, the restaurant shall come into view.


Housed in a three-storey building, private rooms are available at Level 2 and 3. If one prefers to enjoy the cool breeze while sizzling the meats, then their alfresco area would be ideal.

comfy dining area at Level 1


As dinner that night was a hosted affair, we were invited to dine at Level 2, in one of the private rooms.

view from up the stairs
small private room for 6 pax

The restaurant uses the smokeless charcoal grill system, hence, our dining experience was quite comfortable.

ready to grill

First plate was the beautiful A4 Grade Ohmi wagyu.

Ohmi wagyu
Ohmi wagyu ribeye
Ohmi wagyu karubi

The beef was unmarinated and there is a bowl of sauce provided to dip the meat in first before grilling. In its unadulterated form, the meat (as expected of wagyu) tasted delicate. Karubi fats needed that bit more time on the grill, while the ribeye can be enjoyed after few seconds of sear on each side.


If you're feeling ravenous while slowly grilling the meat, piece by piece, fret not. Have the huge onigiri, or a bowl of garlic fried rice while waiting.

onigiri with seaweed - to grill (@$3.80++)
garlic fried rice (ニンニクのチャーハン @$4.80++)
The crisp that came from roasted seaweed (leave it for a few seconds on the grill) sounded amazing. So crispy!

yaki onigiri 焼きおにぎり, anyone?

The clam miso soup goes quite well with the garlic fried rice.

clam miso soup あさりの味噌汁 (@$7.80++)

For greens intake, had the Arashi Kaisen Salad. Generously loaded with slivers of salmon sashimi, mixed greens (instead of just cabbages, for variety) and with wafu dressing. Fresh greens with tangy sauce. What's not to like?

Chef's Salad of the Day (@$15.80++)

For ala-carte, the serving size is 150 gms. Depending on the cut, the price per serving ranges from $48.80++ to $98.80++ for A4 Grade Ohmi wagyu. Likewise, for Australian wagyu, the price per serving ranges from $28.80++ to $65++.

Australian wagyu plate
grilling up sumptious meat
grilled Australian wagyu

Arashi Yakiniku's Australian wagyu are from purebred cattles. Its meat has less marbling and had a stronger beef flavour as compared to Japanese wagyu.

For non-beef eater, there's pork and seafood to choose from.

Kurobuta pork belly and pork collar
Assorted seafood platter (@$28.80)
Salmon Butter Yaki (@$8.80++)

The grilled pork was very tasty. Contributing factor? Besides good meat, it was also marinated. Guess, we're too accustomed to stronger flavours. Goes well with beer!

butterflied prawn for easier grilling

Lastly, longan jelly for dessert.

longan in jelly

Thank you Royston, Arashi Yakiniku Charcoal Grill Restaurant and HGW for the invited tasting.

For people who enjoys meat but doesn't want to burn too big a hole in their pocket, good news! Arashi Yakiniku shall be starting their buffet (sometime in February 2014). Do check out their facebook page for more information when the date is nearer.

Arashi Yakiniku Charcoal Grill Restaurant

Location: No. 48 Boatquay, Singapore 049837
Contact No.: 65352841


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