Wednesday, January 15, 2014

La Ristrettos Specialty Coffee @ Novena

Located at Level 8 of Novena Medical Centre. It's a small cosy place with limited seats. So, go right up to the counter, place your order and pay. Once your drink is ready, you might find the boss serving you your cuppa! =)

menu, on paper and on board
view from the garden
words of wisdom, while waiting for coffee & food

Tried their macchiato lungo. Espresso stained with double milk.  Thick and strong. Fire red tiny cup, I like.

macchiato lungo @$4

Also tried the Florentine Croissant. Basically a large croissant with scrambled eggs, cheese and wilted spinach, served with a side of greens, cherry tomatoes and a dash of balsamic.

Florentine Croissant @$10
creamy, moist, yummy eggs

For the works, one might want to get the Grande. Scrambled or poached eggs? You have a choice.

Grande breakfast @$14


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