Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pho House @ Suntec City

Located at Level 3 near Toy's R Us Suntec. It's where a small colony of restaurants exist close to one another.

shop front

It was an impromptu decision to have Vietnamese food that night. We were there at about 8pm on a Saturday. Their menu board displayed the set meal combinations available. If not wrong, there were a total of 17 sets to choose from. The formula was pretty simple. Have a set meal at $13++, and you can choose 1 appetiser (either spring roll or rice roll), 1 main course (either noodles or rice) and 1 drink (either ice-lemon tea or Vietnamese drip coffee).

Once decided to eat there, we were led to our table very quickly and I think it's because there weren't many customers, they gave 2 tables for us 2 pax. Haha, spacious. My friend ordered a satay chicken rice set while I chose pho bo. Both of us ordered prawn rice roll as appetiser. For drinks I had ice-lemon tea, while my friend chose a Vietnamese drip coffee.
hoi-sin sauce at the bottom left, and vietnamese fish sauce with chili at the top

prawn rice roll (goi cuon)
The fresh spring roll was nice. Light and refreshing. I liked it dipped in the chili fish sauce. Mildly sweet and not salty at all. Basil leaves in the spring roll gave it that extra oomph. Fragrant.

satay chicken rice

salad with chicken strips

satay chicken

Tasted a little of the satay chicken, and it was quite salty. Probably need to eat it together with the rice.

pho bo

beef balls, beef 'steak' and beef brisket

dipping sauce, basil and taugeh

The Pho Bo, I like! Tasty broth that was light yet flavorful and served hot. Yums! The beef brisket was tender and breaks easily when chewed. The beef balls were heavenly. Soft and tasted like it was handmade. However, the beef 'steak' was tougher and if you like chewy meat, then this one is for you. For me, I'll just go with the beef balls and beef brisket. Actually the waitress will ask which combination of ingredients you want to be in the pho bo. Either just beef balls, or beef balls and steak or everything. Maybe can ask for just beef balls and brisket? ;)

Vietnamese drip coffee

with condensed milk
My friend commented that the Vietnamese coffee served here is not strong enough. I didn't try it, so guess my dear readers have to gauge it for yourself. Mine was ice-lemon tea and it was pretty thin. But I'm not complaining as it was cooling on a warm night. When my glass had just a bit of the ice tea left, the uncle (who is a service staff there) came around and asked if I wanted a refill. Hmmm, I didn't know whether it was chargeable or not, so I declined. I was chit-chatting with my friend after dinner, and we sat there for about another 10 minutes or so. This time I had drunk all of the ice tea. The uncle came around again with the ice tea plastic jug, and offered to refill some. So I said ok. Conclusion is, the refill was free. Hahaa!

A meal here for two pax should costs under $30. Good comfort food, and friendly staff. Not the best in terms of quality, but good enough to warm the stomach and heart.


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