Monday, November 8, 2010

Sun With Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe @ The Central

Happened to pass by, and was enticed by the drinks at half price promo (currently running daily from 3pm till 8pm). Fancy a glass of wine @ $4.95++?

white wine (housepour)
They were also showcasing some dishes from Kyushu, so gave it a try. Kurobuta gyoza sounded good with the wine, so tried that.

kurobuta gyoza with chili oil dip
It was served in a hotplate, sizzling as it was placed onto the table. Hot and oily. And it has a saucer of chili oil dip that you'd normally see in a Chinese restaurant.

tiny parcels

not much vegetables

Hmm.. couldn't really tell the difference in the kurobuta gyoza and ordinary pork gyozas. Think I'd prefer the normal pork gyozas with lots of vege than this dryer pricier version. But the wine was nice..


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