Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TCC @ Novena Square

The Coffee Connoisseur or simply known as TCC. It's around, everywhere. Visited its outlet at Novena Square during afternoon time. The temperature at the indoor seating area is warmer than the outside.

cafe facade

Ordered coffee affagato (ice-cream with expresso), TCC brew (coffee) and a dessert, "Dark Devotion" which is basically lava cake.

interesting writings on the napkin

The affagato looked a little different from what I remembered. Had it like a year ago at its Centerpoint outlet. The current version seemed to have more coffee.


The dessert arrived last, and it looked kinda pretty.

Dark Devotion
with vanilla ice-cream

The cake ooozed with molten chocolate once the fork cut into it. Heavenly! This, you definitely need a spoon!

oozing with chocolatey goodness!

However, the dessert was kinda pricey at $11++. And, credit card promo does not apply on public holidays.


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