Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Filet Mignon @ Takashimaya Food Hall

Visited on a Tuesday evening, and there weren't many people at this area. It's near GNC, quite easy to find. Nearby, you'll see a small cluster of new eateries as featured in a popular weekly mag.

The concept is pretty simple. For lone diner, proceed to the cashier counter. Look at the menu, and decide what you're going to eat. Order and make payment (cash only if not wrong). Then the friendly and eager waitress will show you to your seat.

chili, salt n pepper

There's currently a promotion where both ribeye and tenderloin are going for $19.90 instead of its usual $39.90. Wow.. with such a huge discount, who wouldn't want to try? So, I ordered a 230gms tenderloin. According to wikipedia, filet mignon (french for cute fillet, haha so cute!) is a steak cut taken from tenderloin. In other words, same same.

medium rare
At first I was quite worried whether 230gms would be a little too much meat for me to handle. But the worry was quite unfounded as it wasn't big, even the asparagus were sooo thin!

Meat was natural tasting, with a little of peppercorn bits charred on the outside. The inside was moist but still a little chewy at times. The sauce was not overpowering, and at the right saltiness. Mashed potato tasted normal and non buttery.

middle part more rare
beef from America
The waitresses are earnest in what they do, and polite service with a smile. However, I am glad I didn't pay more for the dish.

Someone, give me a meltique beef anytime! ; )

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