Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kazokutei @ Tokyo Walker Plaza Singapura

Kazokutei (originating from Osaka) is part of 5 brands banded as part of 'Tokyo Walker' at Level 4 Plaza Singapura. It specializes in handmade udon. I think there are many many ramen shops sprouting in Singapore, hence a udon shop seemed a little more special.

The shop itself is small, and seats are near one another. For people sitting back to back, it is very easy to feel the movement of the other party.

i can hear what you are saying...

our 4-seater
We visited on a public holiday at about 430pm. Early dinner, as we called it. The shop was not empty and there were about 4-5 seats occupied. However, most of the 4 seaters were placed with 'Reserved' sign.

The menu is fairly simple. Udon + fried stuffs or udon + meat in shabu-shabu or sukiyaki style. We ordered the wagyu beef udon sukiyaki for 2 pax. I asked the service staff whether our table for 2 pax is big enough to place all the dishes. She agreed that it'll be kinda tight, so she offered to place us at one of the 'Reserved' seats for 4 pax. We got 'upgraded'! Haha. For tea, they only have houjicha but that's ok for us.

After a while, another waitress came and delivered 2 small servings of udon, 2 small bowl with raw egg inside, 1 plate of tori karaage (4 pieces), and 1 plate of wagyu beef slices. She said, "Beef shabu shabu?". We said, "No, we ordered wagyu beef sukiyaki." She looked at her order slip and said, "Beef shabu shabu, correct?" We showed her our order slip and said, "No, we ordered sukiyaki." Then she looked at our order slip and said, "Ya, ya... correct, beef sukiyaki. Sorry." -_-'''  Of course, the ingredients for both wagyu beef shabu shabu and sukiyaki are the same with the exception of the broth. But still...It'll be good if the waitress know what she's bringing to the customer.

So she plonked the stuffs on our table and walked off. The udon came cooked because there were steam rising from it. At this moment, there was no soup nor mini gas cooker on our table. So we decided to be patient for a while, and started nibbling on our tori karaage. Very soon, we had finished the cooked food item (except the udon of course). I stared at the raw food and looked at my friend. Then we called the person who took our order and enquired where is our pot to cook the meat. She replied that it'll be coming soon. So she brought the mini gas cooker out and placed it on our table. About 2 minutes later, the soup came (with the other ingredients such as vege, tofu and mushrooms already inside), and she did apologize for the delay. Then we waited for the pot to come to a boil. Very soon, we realize, we don't have any bowls nor spoon. So once again, had to inform the waitress. She said, "Oh ya! Hehe.. "

raw wagyu beef

handmade udon

Came in individual servings in cute little basket

raw egg

skinny tori karaage

The food itself is not bad. The sukiyaki was not overly sweet, but we're not sure why the ingredients came already cooked in the soup as the picture in the menu showed the tofu, mushrooms and vege as fresh items. The udon was nice, good chewiness and smooth. And it was long! Hahaa, signs of handmade goodness? The beef was fatty and doesn't taste much like the beef that I know. My exposure to wagyu is considered novice level.

closer view of the ingredients: carrots, vege, leek, golden mushroom, shitake, tofu
 The soup ingredient was really catering to 2 pax as we found 2 pieces of tofu and 2 pieces of shitake mushroom. Ok, all accounted for!~

We didn't have much stuff that required dipping into the beaten raw egg, so we poured the rest of it into the soup towards the end of our meal.

soup with the egg flower

Total cost of the meal was about $32. I just realized that I was so hungry to the extent that I had forgotten to take a picture of wagyu when cooked. Oops, missed.


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