Sunday, November 21, 2010

Waraku @ The Central Clarke Quay

Located at Level 3, this place looked big from the outside, but it's a different story once you're inside. I've only visited the Marina Square branch before, hence yesterday was my first time at Waraku @ The Central.

Went there quite early at 530pm, so seats are a plenty. We were seated at one secluded section, and it was quite difficult to attract the attention of the waitresses.

hot green tea
We ordered beef yakiniku, shishamo, beef houba and sushi.

beef yakiniku don (regular)
There're 2 sizes to the rice item (if not wrong, same goes for noodles). Choose M or R. I guess M means medium for small eaters or half bowl, and R is regular sized meal. My friend liked his yakiniku don ($11.80++).

The sushi pieces were quite small, and each ala-carte order is 2 pieces. But I liked it nevertheless, the sushi felt a little warm, but the fish slices were firm to the bite. The wasabi looked mild, but it really packed a punch!

maguro sushi
hamachi sushi
Frankly speaking, I've only tasted shishamo once, and that was in one of those sushi chains. I remembered it being skinny, and crispy. The shishamo here is somewhat different from the memory of the previous experience that I had. It's like a mini pan-fried fish (means not crispy), soft flesh and laden with roe.

beef houba
Beef houba was interesting as the beef pieces were grilled with miso bean paste ontop of a Japanese magnolia leaf.

the top and bottom part of the beef looked cooked but the inside is still raw
end product, cooked beef houba

The beef was tender, but it doesn't have the grilled taste. The shitake mushroom was nicely soft after it was cooked with the miso paste.

For dessert, we ordered vanilla shiratama (although IMHO, matcha would've been better).

vanilla shiratama
If not wrong, the shiratama refers to the white ball thingy that's glutinious rice balls. The dessert looks like oyster shell, with pearls in it. Cute, but the vanilla ice-cream was still frozen, so it was quite difficult to eat at first.

In total, the bill was $45 for 2 pax, after POSB/DBS 10% discount.

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