Monday, November 29, 2010

Hippopotamus Restaurant and Grill @ Marina Square

Located at Level 1 of Marina Square, this is a newly opened restaurant. Lots of congratulatory bouquets of flowers still around at the time of visit. The place seemed fairly empty on a Sunday afternoon. Perhaps, still new.

table setting
Red and brown seemed to be the color of choice. Lots of things on the table when we first settled into our seats. Two big glasses, salt and pepper shakers/grinders, drinks menu and food menu. It's a French styled restaurant, hence there's foie gras, escargot and french onion soup in the menu.

a hint of French
We went there to have steak, so that was what we ordered. I had a T-bone steak (~330gms) while my friend had a classic ribeye (~200gms). There are grilled lamb chops, chicken and one fish (barramundi) in the menu as well, if you don't fancy beef. There were also exotic cuts like rump and hangar (not sure hangar meat is from which part of the cattle...) Each main is served with 2 sides, and up to 3 sauces. Set meals are available as well. Ice water is also served upon request.

cute logo on the menu
iced water served in a carafe
While waiting, we were served some complimentary chips and bread. As we gobbled up our chips in record time, they refilled it again! Wahahaha!

chips to nibble while waiting for main course
country bread

Our main course arrived in due time, and it looked quite lovely.

T-bone steak, with ratatouile and potato gratin, and bernaise sauce

classic ribeye, with ratatouile, baked potato, and shallot
potato gratin
 We ordered our meat medium rare, and it turned out to be quite rare... After our meal, we enquired with the service crew and he mentioned that French styled medium rare will be slightly more rare than what Singaporeans are accustomed to. Hmm...

ribeye - medium rare (looked like very rare!)
T-bone medium rare
First impression of Tbone, is that.. it's full of fats! Other than that, the meat was quite alright. Moist and simply flavored. Not as tender as I hoped it would be. Some parts has tendons and hence, it was rather chewy.. or was it because it was still rare... hmmm... Maybe if it was done medium well, then the experience may differ? Not sure.

The dessert looked nice, but we were rather full from all the meat. The service crew was friendly, and would be glad to answer any questions that the diner may have. Total costs of our meal was close to $60 for 2 pax inclusive of GST + service charge.


  1. Thanks for a good review. I love that bloody Ribeye medium rare!!

  2. I was supposed to have a nice dinner at Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill with some long-lost Secondary School friends yesterday when the waiter accidentally toppled the whole plate of food onto me. My shirt and jeans were terribly was soiled as the plate had sauces (barbeque, etc.)

    The waiter and restaurant manager quickly apologized and passed me some tissue to wipe the mess off my clothes. Luckily the toilet was nearby and I could walk to the toilet to clean up the rest of the mess without much embarrassment, but since the sauces were all over me my clothes stink and I couldn't wash them off properly without taking off my clothes.

    I didn't have extra clothes with me so I called my wife to go buy some clothes from John Little for me. FYI, the new clothes cost me ~$50 (and it was about the cheapest you could get for a polo tee and shorts at Marina Square).

    When I got back to the restaurant, the restaurant manager greeted me and I passed the bag of soiled clothes to him and requested that the restaurant send for cleaning and send them back to me. It was a simple gesture that the restaurant could have done, but he said they couldn't do it.

    So I went back to my table, sat down and "enjoyed" my dinner which had already turned cold after about 45 minutes at the toilet. The restaurant manager offered to get us drinks on the house but seriously I wasn't in the mood for drinks already so I declined the offer and requested that they give us a discount instead. He agreed.

    When we finally asked for the bill (which was $80+ for 4 persons), there was no discount. It was like they didn't care. I told the waiter that the restaurant manager promised a discount, and she went back and got a new bill. This time it says 10% discount.I was seriously upset that there's no sincerity at all. 10% is $8 which can't even buy me a t-shirt at Marina Square.

    I didn't bother to argue and paid the bill anyway, but this is the last time me or my friends/family's visiting this restaurant.

  3. oh dear... sorry to hear abt the unfortunate incident


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