Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hailam Kopitiam @ AEON Cheras Selatan


AEON Cheras Selatan is my dad's favourite haunt. He always liked to eat inside of the shopping centre, so for a change, we decided to head outside of the mall but somewhere nearby. Hence, chanced upon Hailam Kopitiam and decided to give it a try. It feels just like another 'Old Town' joint.

inside of the kopitiam

We were there for lunch, so we ordered a couple of dishes to try, and coffee as well.

hailam (海南) coffee
cold coffee half drunk
coffee tri-color (the black colored stuff is gula melaka)

 My mom ordered the 'kat zai suen mui' drink, which is literally 'lime and sour plum' drink. It's a must have drink everytime, I'm in Malaysia.

lime and sour plum
this version has a lot of plums, so its a tad too salty!

My mom and sis had the chicken chop and fried fish dish respectively, while my dad ordered chicken rice.
close up view of chicken chop
juicy meat
fish and chips (that looked exactly the same like the chicken chop!) but waiter forgot the sauce!
chicken chop bun
typical hainanese chicken chop with ketchup sauce
chicken sandwich
closer view

The best value for money turned out to be the chicken sandwich (@RM5.80).  The prices here for the food items are between RM6 ~ RM14. I didn't like the coffee here. Would much prefer the real kopitiam's 'hainam' coffee with fragrant roasted buttery taste...nostalgic.


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