Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ootoya @ Orchard Central

Located at Level 8 of Orchard Central. We decided to head there for lunch on a mid-week, sort of like pre-Christmas celebration.

wall deco and warm lightings

The place was fairly busy and we went without reservation. However, we managed to get our seats in just 5 minutes time. Many chicken dishes were listed in the menu, thus I ordered the tori salad (chargrilled chicken served on a bed of shredded cabbage with some salad leaves, capsicum and sliced hardboiled egg, drizzled lightly with basil sauce. My friend ordered katsu jyu (fried pork with egg and rice). We also had a plate of maguro in soy sauce to share.


First up, was the blue fin tuna dish. Thin slices of maguro doused heavily with soy sauce with a sprinkling of white sesame, and some shredded spring onions.

blue fin tuna slices in soy sauce
closer view
The maguro slices were light and enjoyable, but not outstanding. Next up, our main sets arrived. Each of the set was served with rice, cucumber, simmered item and miso soup.

katsu jyu set

tori salad set

japanese rice, yummy!
cucumber with plum sauce
lotus root, carrot, mushroom and konbu
thick slices of pork!
covered with egg
rosy and tender
delicious chargrilled chicken
egg with basil sauce

The katsu was thick yet tender. I liked those parts that had a little fats on it. The chargrilled chicken really had me at first bite. Was quite captivated by the chicken. The skin has a hint of smokey flavor, while the meat was moist and tender. Yums!

The salad was quite 'dry' as the sauce (oil based basil sauce) was quite minimum which was good in a way. More healthy. Haha. The miso soup was quite light tasting, but it did have a chockful of ingredients in it!

miso soup (has onions, potato, chicken bits and kelp)

It's a pleasant experience having lunch at Ootoya. Good food, reasonable prices. Green tea is served free. This meal costs about $52 (after 10% UOB discount) for 2 pax.


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