Sunday, October 31, 2010

Long Xia Zhou Shi Jia @ Orchard Central

It sounded decadent. Loster porridge. Located at Level 8 of Orchard Central. We walked in without any reservation on a Saturday afternoon at about 130pm. The friendly waitstaff attended to us immediately and led us to our table by the window.

view from our table
interior of the restaurant

table setting

We enquired about the promotions that they had, such as the DBS promo of lobster porridge 1-for-1 @$29.90, as well as the hungrygowhere promo of $1 kurobuto pork for each lobster porridge order. The waitress clarified that the hungrygowhere promo is only valid for normal priced lobster porridge ($30 per pax).

Since we haven't sample their dishes before hence the 1-for-1 offer did sound more realistic for my friend and I, so we ordered that. My friend wanted to order a mutton item, but the waitress kept promoting the other meat dishes such as signature chicken, pork ribs, crocodile soup etc etc, except the mutton. My friend really wanted to eat mutton, so he insisted on ordering it. Finally the waitress said, "Today there are no mutton available unfortunately. Sorry." Hmm....

tasty pickles

The pickles (chargeable) served was quite nice. Looking at our bill, it was stated as $2 per plate. Not sure if they go by per head or per plate. Napkin is at $1 per piece.

lobster porridge (for 1 pax)

I was worried about whether the portion of the lobster porridge would be too much for 1 pax to handle. In actual fact, the bowl was big, but the amount of rice inside is just nice for 1 person. So no worries ladies, you can surely finish this with some room left to savor side dishes. There was half a lobster inside there. The soup was very tasty and heavily peppered. Lobster porridge is more like those teochew fish porridge, where it is actually rice + soup served in the same bowl.

firm succulent lobster meat
It was raining slightly that afternoon, so it felt nice eating a nice warm bowl of lobster porridge. The lobster meat itself was firm to bite, but it did require a little bit coaxing to get if off the shell.

Besides the porridge, we ordered a deep fried pork ribs with glazed sauce.

deep fried pork (small)

close up view
The pork ribs looked good but it was a little too tough for my liking. Only on those pieces that had a little fat, then the meat was tender. We ordered this to provide contrast to our porridge.

We didn't order any drinks, and seeing that our airconditioner was not very strong over at our section, one waitress offered to get us ice-water. All in all, our meal of the DBS promo plus pork ribs came up to around $55. The 1-for-1 promo would probably entice people like me, someone who haven't try lobster porridge before.


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