Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Garden Slug @ Telok Kurau

Located at Lorong L Telok Kurau (which is somewhere at the east side). We travelled by car, but there was a bus stop about probably 300m away.

cheery looking slug greeting patrons

We reached the place at about 830pm. Last order was about 915pm and the shop closes at 10pm. My friend commented that the place has a chill-out vibe. To me, it's a casual eatery located in the midst of the neighbourhood...

Today's Specials written on blackboard

They have alfresco seatings as well as indoors. If you have a certain fear of cats, then the advice is to choose the indoor seats. Haha, there was a rather well-fed kitty roaming the outside of the cafe. According to the staff, the cat is a regular fixture at The Garden Slug.

no service charge ; )

We were looking at the menu for some minutes and a helpful staff came over and asked if we'd like any recommendations. Yes please, we said. So she proceeded to point to the various parts of the menu and said, "Here's the mains list, we have item 1, item 2, item 3 etc etc.. " Intrigued. I waited for her recommendations still but all she did was just to point and state what was listed at which section (which we can read for ourselves in fact... ). So I asked specifically what is their bestseller for pasta. She then pointed to the items that has a marking and said, "Those are our bestsellers." By then, I knew it would be futile to ask further, so we thanked her for her kind intentions....

In the end, we ordered a "Let's Dig In" platter to share. Can choose any 5 types of items from a selection of finger food to form this dish. So we chose: chicken wings, sausages, calamari, fried mushrooms and bruschetta. It sounds like a lot, but the four of us (3 girls and 1 guy) devoured this platter in no time because everyone was famished!

Let's Dig In!



Wagyu burger for just $18.90? Sounds like a good deal. So we ordered that. We had it medium rare. It was served with potato wedges or fat fries as my friend calls it.

Wagyu beef burger

Close up on the patty (medium rare)

Frankly speaking, as this was my first time having wagyu, I can't really tell what's the difference between this and regular beef patty. To me, the patty here was slightly overdone above medium rare and perhaps the intention was to have the patty retaining its natural flavor. Unfortunately, I thought it was rather too bland tasting. Liked the toasted bun though.

We also ordered the dory fillet. This dish certainly looked impressive. Huge plate, with the fish served ontop a bed of mashed (with potato skin) and loads of vege. The mashed potato was flavorful and the skin provided some differentiation in texture with each bite.

Dory fillet

served with mashed potato (with skin mixed in) and lots of vege

Service crew were friendly and our meal was served fairly quickly. There's no service charge/GST!


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