Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hatched @ Evans Lodge

My friends hatched a plan to go running at the nearby Stadium, and then off to this all day-breakfast joint, called "Hatched". Though haven't been there, the name evoked the images of chicks and eggs...

If you're driving, bear in mind that the entrance to the carpark is not the ERP gantry type. So gotta drive nearer to the machine to slot in the cashcard. It's slopey, so be careful not to drive to near to the car in front (if any!). Haha.

The cafe has quite a homey vibe to it.

cashier (boss') counter

 Looking through the menu, there are various permutations of eggy dishes. If you're not an egg lover, fret not. There are daily specials written on the wall inside the cafe. Pasta, steak, beef burger and grilled chicken. Take your pick. Sometimes, certain items are not listed in the menu, so you might wanna ask the friendly server.

Our young waitress for the night (sorry, didn't get your name) was friendly and patient.  The other person serving the customer (a good-looking chap) seemed to be the boss. I think there were just the two of them running the floor. So, it felt like having dinner at a friend's place. So, if you need anything such as water-refill, extra napkins, extra plates etc.. just ask and you'll receive.

I had salmon papilote (smoked salmon and scrambled egg on toasted bread with chives cream), and my friends had beef burgers and grilled chicken (half-chicken). The beef burger was served with some salad greens while the grilled-chicken was served with some rice.

salmon papilote

springy scrambled egg, smoked salmon and topped with chives cream

mushroom cheese beef burger

served simply with some greens
 I think the best dish for the night was the grilled half chicken but unfortunately I didn't take any picture of it, because it was immediately devoured by two hungry girls who shared the dish. I had a bite, and the chicken was simply marinated and cooked till tender. The sauce was mildly fragrant. But it could be quite bland for some. So, if that's the case, you might want to request for some chili sauce.

I felt the salmon papilote ($12) could do with a more jazzed up presentation, if the bread was changed to some other types rather than the plain toasted bread. Otherwise, the meal was just ok. Still, the place is cosy for a chat with friends.

For desserts, we had pancakes and waffles. Carbo overload!

banana pancake
close up view
waffles with blueberry for decor
close up view of the thin and crispy waffles
Both desserts are pretty similar and served with maple syrup and sabayon sauce. I would have expected the slightly caramelised banana to be sweeter but this one is the not too sweet version. So, eat it with the accompanying syrup and sauce for better taste.

Cosy and friendly place to hangout.


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