Sunday, October 10, 2010

Riccioti @ China Square Central

Located at Nankin Row of China Square Central. I had a hard time locating this place! Probably due to the fact that I have not set foot to this part of the world for a few years now. A friend suggested this place because he worked nearby.

Visited on a Saturday for lunch. It's actually easily spotted once you know how to get to Nankin Row. The restaurant has a cheery yellow facade. I spied that they had a weekend breakfast set at $9.90 as well.

outside of the restaurant

Their service staff were dressed in soccer jerseys for Italia. One of the staff who served us was quite good looking too! There is a set lunch for weekends, and it's quite a good deal at $23++ for 1 main, 1 coffee/tea and 1 dessert (can choose pastries or gelato). However, I didn't like the items offered for mains so I opted to get a Parma Panini ($13.80), a Lungo (freshly brewed coffee @ $5.20) and a dessert ($7.80).

There are credit card promotions as well, and if you like pasta then currently there is a 1-for-1 pasta using Amex. But if you are ordering more ala-cartes of non-pasta dishes, then it is likely more worthwhile to opt for other credit card promo that offers say 10-15% discount off total ala-carte orders.

bottles and bottles of wine

The atmosphere in the restaurant is cosy and charming. Customers included a mix of locals and expats.

table decor


We went in a group of 7 and we ordered calamari, bruschetta and caesar salad for starters. For mains, we had pizza gamberi, parma panini, taglioni neri, spaghetti marinara and linguine granchio. For desserts, we had small gelato (2 scoops @ $12), cannoli (1 piece @ $8.50), tiramisu, soffiato and morbida.

caesar salad
mini bruschettas

The food ordered came in various order. In fact, we had the mini bruschetta coming up after the mains were served. Good thing we ordered the desserts after we had our mains.

parma panini
The parma panini came out beautifully and tasted great. Well toasted, and served with cheese and ample greens.

yummy panini
satisfying parma

Pizza was good! Thin crust and portion good enough to be shared by 2-3 pax. The pizza gamberi looks mild but there are bits of chilis in there!

pizza gamberi

mushrooms and prawns

spaghetti marinara

close up view

 I only tasted a little of the pasta ordered, and I liked the spaghetti marinara the most. The taglioni neri (squid ink pasta) was salty and nothing much beyond that. Perhaps squid ink and tomato based sauces don't quite mix?
We went on a dessert ordering rampage! HAHA! But the gelato turned out quite disappointedly. And not to mention, expensive! $12 for 2 scoops.

hazelnut and pistachio flavor

was this mango and chocolate




chocolate sauce ooozing out!


For desserts, I'd recommend to skip the gelatos and order the soffiato instead. Pair this with a cup of coffee and the meal ends beautifully.


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