Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tomi Sushi @ Parco Millenia Walk

Tomi Sushi is located at Level 3 of Parco Millenia Walk. Parco Millenia seemed pretty deserted on most days that I visited, which was weekday after 7pm. It was practically empty. However, it was a different story at some of the restaurants at Level 3. There was actually a queue for one of the ramen store when we visited on a Friday evening. Making a reservation at Tomi Sushi was fairly simple and fast.

As you walk in, the wait staff will attend to you almost immediately. The place seemed to be compartmentalised into various section and each of the section seemed to enjoy some form of privacy. If not wrong, there are also private dining rooms.

wall deco
our booth seat

I liked it that they serve the customer hot green tea (free) while the customer takes his/her time to browse through the menu. We ordered ala-carte items such as anago (eel) tempura, sashimi (mekajiki and salmon), yosenabe, seafood salad, tempura set and gindara (cod fish) set.

look at the thick slices

The seafood was nicely firm and fresh, and served with grated wasabi plus two shiso leaves for decoration. It's nice to wrap the sashimi slice (dabbed with a little sauce) and eat it with the leave. Fragrant.

seafood salad
The seafood salad consist of a nondescript looking plate of greens (tomato, cucumber, capsicum, salad leaves) and some slices of seafood such as maguro, ika, hotate and a maybe tai. But it really goes well with the rice. I realised now that I forgot to take a picture of the rice. The Niigata Koshihikari rice was really nice. Slightly glossy appearance, right level of stickiness and cooked to a level of softness that's neither too soft nor too hard.

sweet scallop!

tempura (part of a set)

Set meals comes with chawan mushi, miso soup, pickles and 2 slices of fruits. The tempura set should be eaten while it's hot. Otherwise, it'll lose its crisps.

chawan mushi

anago tempura with sea salt

The anago tempura was interesting. To me, it tasted a bit like sweet potato. The sea salt actually brings out the sweetness of the fish.

close up view of anago tempura

from the yosenabe (fish head, golden mushroom, some vege and oyster)
The soup from the yosenabe is sweet and light. But do be careful of the odd bones that came off from the fish head.

gindara set

The cod fish was fatty and tender. Melts in your mouth! I think it is really good value to order the gindara set.

Overall, the service was friendly and efficient. Tea cups refilled frequently, and plates cleared every now and then (when necessary, for example when the plate was cluttered with bones etc). The price tend to be on the high side, but the set meals are worth it.


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