Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Saizeriya Ristorante E Caffe

Located at Level 2 of Liang Court, the restaurant looked serene from the outside, but once inside, the ambience seemed to be very very noisy. We went there on a Friday night, and need not wait long before the service staff found us a table. Next to us was a very large group of diners (probably around 10 pax), comprised mostly of youngsters. Conversation in normal volume would be near impossible!

Spied other diners ordering the finger food such as sausages, chicken wings and escargots. Male diners were seen tucking into hamburg or steaks.

My table ordered gratin bacon (shouldn't it be bacon gratin?) and hamburg (beef with pickled vegetable). Add another $2.58++ for free flow of drinks from the drink bar.

The gratin ($7.18++) was baked penne with milk, cheese, bacon and tomato sauce. If guys were to eat this one, then probably have to add their foccaccia bread or order some finger food, otherwise, the portion might not be enough. Hamburg ($7.18++) arrived quite late. Beware of the very salty brown sauce (tasted like shoyu mix) served alongside. Quite oily but the hamburg was juicy and tender. And the sweet corn was enjoyable.


penne, soft and cheesy


juicy, tasty beef patty!

loved the sweet corn!

Service staff were courteous but if you're seated at some corner, then it might be quite difficult to catch their attention since they're quite focused in serving the food and the noise doesn't help. Empty plates were cleared quickly. The air conditioning at some areas were quite strong. Brrr!

The drinks bar had orange juice, milo ice, barley and lime, plus the usual suspects of gassy drinks, tea bags (mint, camomile etc) and a coffee machine that can spew out latte, cappucino and coffee.

free flow orange juice from the drinks bar

Good for the budget conscious.


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