Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tokyo Eats

When I was in Tokyo Dec 2009, the weather was cold, and it made one crave for a bowl of steaming hot ramen! We were staying at the Monterey Hanzomon Hotel, and nearby was a soba stall manned by an elderly couple. The joint is self-service, and you buy the ticket from the vending machine outside of the restaurant and then pass the slip of paper with the name of the dish that you ordered to the chef, and he'll prepare it for you. Seating is limited but there were two tables to eat while standing.

yasai soba

The yasai (vegetable) soba was very affordable at 290 yen only ;)

I wanted to try ramen but didn't have the chance till stumbled upon a stall in Asakusa. It was also those vending machine type, so one basic bowl of chashu ramen was just 300 yen or so.

ramen at Asakusa

As we were travelling with kids, we ate alot of fastfood. Macs in Tokyo, do not have plastic bag. Only paper bags are available. And remember to separate the trash before throwing them into the correct bins!

no big breakfast, but got muffins and stuffs


need no further introduction...

juicy pork patty with peppery taste

at Yoshinoya Harajuku, with kimchi side dish

beef bowl

Tried Gindaco, and it most certainly didn't taste like the one in ION...

yummy tako balls!

with custard fillings

The most expensive dish that I ate was at Tsukiji. Ordered a sushi set that cost 800 yen. Haha, ya.. not THAT expensive ok.

sushi set


with some fats

lots of these tamago in Tsukiji.. the ones with mentaiko not bad

On most days, we da bao those cheap bento box from our neighbourhood shop.

fried chicken cutlet rice, for only 390 yen!

crispy cutlet!

stir fried beef bowl (chinese style)

think this one is like those new year bento.. but the fish wasn't good...

Maybe next time, can go for those more luxurious eats? Haha!


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