Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hua Yuen Porridge @Tiong Bahru Market

Wanted to eat porridge and raw fish tonight, so hopped onto SBS bus 123, and about 10 minutes later, voila! Tiong Bahru Market at Seng Poh Road. I thought there will be a couple of stalls selling cantonese porridge, but I was wrong. Most were selling Teochew fish porridge! Hmmmm, I know... it's been ages since I last visited this market :P

The porridge stall was manned by a young chap and a lady. Opted for the value set of century egg with shredded chicken porridge + raw fish slices for $4.50 only. Good right?

value for money


The porridge was thick, and every bite has century egg bits and chicken shreds. Mine has thigh meat, and that's exactly what I liked! Tasty!

I don't know why, but the raw fish slices were whitish in color. Was kinda expecting like pinkish raw colored...

looks like kinda cooked, hor?

The fish slices were quite decent, but some of the meat has tendons so those parts turned out to be rather tough and chewy. Otherwise, the fish was tasty from the drizzling of sesame seed oil, lime juice, soy sauce and eaten with spring onions, ginger and chili padi.


  1. I just went today but mine dun have you char Kway...very sad:(

    1. ahh, even if have, you see its only that few not a big difference also =P dun b sad


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