Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shots @ Ann Siang Hill

Located at Ann Siang Hill enclave, it has a relaxed atmosphere. It has both outdoor and indoor seating areas. Didn't explore the upstairs though. Free seating, so just head on over to that unoccupied table that you saw, and proceed to the counter to order your drinks/food.

On the table, there's a cute plant that acts as a decor.

what's this plant?

real one..


looks like super diluted choc drink

Was kinda surprised when the mocha arrived. Lots of ice cubes and the drink looked diluted... But it tasted good. Unexpected. So never judge a drink by its density? Hahaa!

My friend ordered a milk chocolate, and it's like a glass of milk with chocolate sauce poured into it. Quite liked the milk that they used here. Mild.

milk chocolate

And of course, need something to bite to go along with the coffee, so we got a tiramisu.


close up view

The tiramisu is very sweet, but it went well with my drink as the coffee has a slight bitterness to it that sort of like offset the sweetness.

All in all, a relaxed place but it gets a little too distracting for reading as the tables are quite near each other, and you are likely able to hear what the other patrons are talking about...


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