Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bon Gout @ Robertson Quay

Was at Robertson Quay on a Friday. Walked around quite a bit looking for a place to eat. Passed by many restaurants and finally someone recommended Bon Gout. Quaint little place, where half the shop is filled up with comics, magazines and books. It's a Japanese bookstore cum cafe.

bookshelves of comics

There's a daily set meal, and that include a main, a side dish, pickles, rice and miso soup. The set meal of the day on that Friday was beef and eggpplant cooked in miso, with vinegared tako and seaweed.

beef and eggplant cooked in miso

The lady boss recommends the set of the day, as the rest of the set meals are available daily but the set of day is sort of like 'special'. I joked that since most of us were there for the first time, everything is special to us! ;)

But trust the boss, because the beef in miso was very tender and the miso taste was just right. Tasty but not too salty. It really has the homecooked flavor, and I wouldn't mind eating it daily. Egg plant was still firm, and the side dish was mildly flavored, which cleanses the heavier tasting miso.

There were five of us, so we ordered two sets of panfried beef steak set, one unagi set, one tonkatsu and one miso beef set.

table full of set meals!

unagi set (front), panfried beef steak (back)


tonkatsu set (front), miso beef set (back)


beef steak (but a little too chewy for us)

tender beef, we liked!

All in all, it was a cosy experience. The shop people are courteous and polite. Enjoyable experience.


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