Friday, July 2, 2010

Mana Mana @East Coast Lagoon

Located at East Coast Lagoon, and if you're unsure of where it is.. just head towards the Jumbo Seafood that area. Towards the 360 Ski area, and it's near to the seaside. Rather secluded for first time visitors! We parked at the carpark near Jumbo, so the walk to Mana Mana was about 10 minutes.

see this sign, and you're really near the restaurant

sails greeting

interior of the restaurant

The ambience was pretty good. Relaxing and good for chill out... It would've been perfect if only the service was better...

Ours was a party of about 13-15ish people that night, so we opted for sets. I chose salad as appetiser (the other choice was soup), chicken cutlet as the main (others were margherita pizza or spaghetti), and brownies for dessert (or fruit platter). It also comes with coffee/tea/fruit punch. Quite a good deal for just about $30 per pax.


Not too sure if it was supposed to be healthier, but the salad came without dressing except for tiny dots of olive oil. Had to dab the 'dry' vege into the chili sauce at times! Yup, could've asked for dressing, but the staff was quite overwhelmed by the workload that night. We had orders that weren't delivered till reminded, coffee orders taken but lost the order chit, guests seated and started eating but no offer to bring water was made even if the rest of the group had their water glasses.

chicken cutlet

The portion of food here, is rather generous. The salad was laid to fill up a main dish plate size. The chicken cutlet were two big slabs of meat. The brownie was huge. And should've taken a picture of the fruit platter. Haha, really!

juicy chicken


All in all, it was value for money. Just be more forgiving with regards of certain service lapses. After all, it's a place to chill~


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