Sunday, July 4, 2010

Watami @ ION Orchard

Super duper long queue on a Friday evening. Queued for more than half hour, and was offered a table for 3 (in order not to wait any longer...). We deliberated for a while, and fortunately, a group of 4 finished their dinner at that same moment, so we got their table. Lucky us.

There were four of us, so we ordered most dishes to share. Watami salad, potato gratin, seafood doria (baked rice), squid (grilled), cheese croquette, wafu steak and brownies with ice-cream for desserts. Also ordered a regular rice-set ($2.80++) which is 1 bowl of rice, with miso soup and pickles.

watami salad

sauce for the salad

The sauce for the salad is quite salty, so you may want to use it sparingly. Watami salad consists of leafy greens, bell peppers, onions, some crunchy deep fried bits, cherry tomatoes, laver and poultry meat. Liked the meat in the salad. Tasty and nice.

We ordered most dishes for sharing, and one opted to have something more filling, baked rice. Had a taste of her seafood doria, and it tasted sweet and cheesy. Preferred the potato gratin that another friend had ordered. The potato gratin looks exactly like a mini version of how the seafood doria looked. Haha!

baked seafood doria

The ika looked impressive but taste-wise, it was so so. The tender parts are really the ringlets at the mid-section. The tails were rather chewy but the charred bits quite flavorful. Probably good with sake or beer.


I was glad I ordered the rice set. Wafu steak was very salty. Otherwise, it has a good texture that is in between of being chewy and tender at the same time.

wafu steak

closer view (glistening with oil!)

My friend commented that the cheese croquette wasn't as tasty because it had begun to turn cold. To me, it was alright, with cheese trying to ooze out on first bite. It's not a big mound, so one or two bites will finish it off!

cheese croquette

We were surprised by the ice-cream in our desserts. It looked like sorbet, but tasted like ice-cream without the 'cream'. The ice-cream was quite sweet, while the brownies tasted quite mild.

brownies and ice-cream

close up on brownies

The seats were comfortably apart, so that is a plus point, although you can still hear what the neighbours are talking about and vice-versa. It would be a good idea to make reservations on Fridays, otherwise, be prepared to queue.


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